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"My time training with Lucas was the best of my entire career as a 2013 NCAA D1 Champion and 2-Time Olympic Trials Qualifier.  Not only is he one of the nicest guys I've met but he knows more about training and nutrition than I could ever hope to.  
It was amazing how quickly each neuro drill improved my strength and stability.  Not only were these the best workouts of my career, they were also fun.  Lucas has a great sense of humor and he knows how to bring out your competitive nature in a positive way.  Without a doubt, Lucas is the best."

Drew Teduits

Evan Lynam.webp

"I instantly saw results with the drills he had me do.  I call it his voodoo.  If you have had the chance to experience it, you know what I'm talking about.  It still freaks me out a little. 
I played college football, competed in Strongman, am an avid outdoors enthusiast and I always turn to Inside Out when I need a tune up or education with my training."

Evan Lynam

Mal Jones.jpg

"The information you can learn from Lucas is profound.  I would urge anyone interested in learning how your body really works to hire Lucas for some sessions. 

This information will benefit anyone regardless of age or physical prowess.  Dealing with the infirmities of old age or preparing for the Olympics, this system has knowledge you can use immediately and forever."

Mal Jones

Sophie Roth.webp

"He didn't just say, yup you're injured, sorry about that.  He kept trying different drills until one very distinct movement (and it brings me to tears even writing this) where he tested my hamstring again and for the first time in five months I felt no pain.  I got to feel what it felt like to win and I got to experience what I had dedicated the past 11 years to, all because of the work I did with Lucas.  I can't even begin to thank Lucas enough for what he gave me.  Truly amazing work."

Sophie Roth

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