Evan Lynam

I always turn to Lucas when I have an issue.

Full disclosure I have known Lucas since we went grad school together.  So I knew him before he was big-shot Z-Heath instructor.  He has helped with many issues and ailments throughout the years.  I played college football where I tore my right ACL and also have competed in many strongman competitions so I have put my body through some adversity.  I am still super active hiking, mtn biking, snowboarding, and I still weight lift on a regular basis.  I get little bumps and nicks or sore spots.  I always turn to Lucas when I have an issue.  I could spend money on seeing Physical Therapist or a doctor but I have a pretty good idea of what they are going to say.  So unless something is torn or broken I find that to be a waste of my money.  I can spend less money and get to have a full hour with somebody who knows the body and its movements very well.  Recently I have had an issue with my knee wanting to lock on me and shooting pain along with it.  I scheduled an appointment with him through his lovely wife Amanda, super easy.  I live in Boise so we had to do this over FaceTime.  We talked and he had some ideas for me right away.  I instantly saw results with the drills he had me do.  I call it his "Voodoo".  If you have had a chance to experience it you know what I am talking about it.  Everytime, it freaks me out a little.   Did it completely solve my problem, not but now I know I am moving in the right direction?   I am going to set up a couple more Facetime sessions so I can get this completely taken care of.  He has also helped my wife over FaceTime who tore her Achilles playing volleyball.  I can't recommend Lucas enough to help you in your quest for health.   

Kelly Lehl

I have lost 40 lbs and have a great deal more energy; I have never felt better.

On October 22, 2016 I made a decision, along with my wife, to make a lifestyle change and hire Lucas Koenecke as my personal trainer, motivator and counselor. Lucas was highly recommended by our son and daughter-in-law because of his outstanding work with them.


I will always remember the first statement Lucas said to me before we started the journey - “Kelly, are you ready to make a drastic change to your habitual eating choices?”  I said yes and the rest is history.


My wife took Lucas’ color-coded list of green (good), yellow (ok), red (bad) foods and gutted our pantry, starting all over re-stocking with recommended food.  We embarked on a six month program with Lucas that was personalized just for us. 


We started with a variety of eye drills, breathing and joint exercises that have become a daily routine.  We joined a local fitness facility and Lucas designed personal workout programs for each of us with specific stretching, balance and weight-training drills, specific pieces of equipment to use for cardio exercise.  


 Lucas also provided solutions to muscle and nerve concerns, addressing matters that were specific for each of us.  My wife strained her shoulder nearly two years ago and had been working through the numbness that often developed.  Lucas identified a specific nerve-glide exercise that is now part of her stretching routine and has resolved the matter for her.  


I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was 31; the diet has changed the health of my gut as the food is based on easy digestion.   During our program I have lost 40 lbs and have a great deal more energy; I have never felt better.   I will be turning 60 next February and my goal weight is just around the corner.


I could not have done this without the wonderful support of my wife and the guidance of Lucas. He was able to customize our training to accomplish our goals.   We touch base with him now and then to let him know our progress and maybe have him tweak some of our routines as our needs change.


The Z-Health experience incorporates neurological, physical and digestive health for a complete, full-body Inside-Out Intelligent Fitness.  We highly recommend the Z-Health program and more important, the personal training by Lucas Koenecke.


Be well and good health, Kelly and Barbara Lehl

Drew TeDuits

"the best workouts of my career, and also the most fun"

Background: Collegiate and Professional Swimmer

2013 NCAA D1 Champion, 200 Yard Backstroke; 2013-2014 USA National Team Member; 4 Time D1 All-American; and 2-Time Olympic Trials Qualifier.

My time training at Inside Out Intelligent Training with Lucas was the best of my entire career. Not only is he one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure of knowing; he also knows more about training and nutrition than I could ever hope to. Coming from a very traditional training background, I was skeptical of Lucas’s Z-Health background and for the first week I thought 90% of the things we did were simple so Lucas could laugh at me. But for every odd drill Lucas had me do, he could give me a 10 minute explanation of what the drill did and why it work had the desired outcome. As crazy as some of it seemed, it was amazing how quickly each thing improved my overall strength, as well as flexibility and stability. Not only were they the best workouts of my career, but they were also the most fun. Lucas has a great sense of humor and he knows how to bring out someone’s competitive nature to push him or her beyond what they thought possible. By the end of my career, I was twice as strong as had ever been. On top of it, my balance, flexibility, and coordination were better than ever, thanks to the neurological approach to training. Of all the strength coaches I have work with throughout my career, I can say without a doubt Lucas is the best. You truly won’t find a better coach, person, and friend anywhere. Thank you so much Lucas.




"No more TMJ problems"

I am a woman in my mid-fifties and for many years I had TMJ problems.  It started out small and my dentist fitted me with a nighttime mouthpiece.  After a while I started being selective about my food and had to cut it into smaller pieces.  By the time I reached the point of having to manually adjust my jaw to put a spoonful of food to my mouth I was referred to a physical therapist.  The therapy helped initially, but did not last long and I was soon back to manual adjustments.  


One evening when visiting our son's house in Evansville, my son watched as I adjusted my jaw during dinner.  He asked if I would be open to some Z-Health consultation with Lucas Koencke.   My son and his wife are familiar with Lucas' expertise, he successfully treated both of them, and my son's mother-in-Iaw.  I accepted the offer without hesitation.


When Lucas and I met he reviewed my medical history and conducted a strength and balance assessment.  I did not appreciate the impact another area of my body would have on my jaw, but it does. Within an hour Lucas' treatments brought about noticeable improvements; and at breakfast the next morning I did not need to manually adjust my jaw to eat.  


Lucas sent me home with a prescribed set of exercises targeting the weak areas.  I was eager to keep the progress going and did the exercises as prescribed.


Ten months now since my consultation.  I am delighted to report that I no longer wear the mouthpiece at night, and I have never gone back to having to adjust my jaw to eat.   I am a Z-Health believer.   


Thank you Lucas Koenecke for your expertise, your care and your patients.


Wisconsin sweet corn is being harvested and for the first time in many years I'm looking forward to biting into that sweet, buttery, juicy cob of corn!  


With much  appreciation, Barb


"I cut my running time by 1 min per mile"

I first met Lucas about half way into training for my second half marathon.  I really wanted to beat my previous time and had been training hard without much of a reduction in time.  After taking an endurance workshop with Lucas and implementing the joint and eye drills I was able to cut my time by a minute a mile. After always feeling sluggish and as if I never got a good night’s sleep I turned to Lucas to see if my nutrition was playing a role.  Turns out it was playing a very large roll.  Within a week I was needing less sleep and was able to focus much better throughout the day.  And an even bigger bonus is that my chronic Kidney stones have not shown themselves since making this change.


"I’m starting to feel like an athlete again"

When I was younger, I played whatever sport was in season. As an adult, I still played 
basketball a few times per week, softball and golf in the summers. When I turned 37, I 
was diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disease that caused bleeding in my lungs
and kidneys. That led to months of taking high doses of steroids and a year of 

After finishing my last round of chemo, my lungs hemorrhaged and I almost didn’t make 
it. Overall, my life had changed dramatically. I no longer played sports. The steroids 
and lack of exercise led to significant weight gain. I was miserable. 
After another year, I was considered to be in remission. I tried to get back into sports,
 but the first time I golfed, I broke a rib. The chemo and steroid use had taken its toll on 
my body. Over the years, I tried to lose weight and get moving again, but I always ran into some 
excuse that stopped me – it was either pain, work, raising a family or just overall 
malaise. Nothing worked.

At 49, I suffered a stroke. I learned that I not only have a disease that causes me to
 bleed; I also have a blood condition that causes my blood to clot.
The stroke was very eye opening. I realized that while I can’t stop these diseases, I can 
control other things in my life that are not healthy. For starters, I knew I had to get 
moving again.

My wife mentioned that there was a trainer who worked with the staff at her office. She
 said that his training methods were unique, using a program called Z-Health. She 
suggested that I meet him.

In May of 2013, I had my first session with Lucas. In this first session, after going 
through my medical history, we did several strength and mobility assessments. It wasn’t
 pretty. I hadn’t moved much in the past 10 years!

We started out slow, with simple ankle tilts. The movements seemed odd to me, but 
every time we would do an exercise, Lucas would explain why we were doing it and the 
affect it would have on my movement. It was hard to argue with his methods as I saw 
immediate improvement after each exercise. After that first session, I was motivated. 
Over the past 18 months, I’ve met with Lucas weekly. We work on every facet of health,
including diet, exercise and well-being. Lucas’ training methods are great. He explains 
the neuroscience behind everything we do.

By working from the inside out, I’ve come a long way. I’ve lost 60 pounds and have new
 goals. I’m starting to feel like an athlete again. My main goal right now is to play 
competitive basketball again. Lucas is helping me with that by incorporating basketball 
movements and drills into our sessions. I know that with Lucas’ help, that goal is

I would recommend Lucas and Z-Health to anyone who is looking to improve their 
overall health. It not only works for people who haven’t moved in a long time, it is also
 great for serious athletes.

Lucas has helped both of my teenage children recover from soccer injuries and shown 
them drills to prevent injury from happening in the future. The science behind the 
movements is sound and improvements can often be seen immediately, leading to
 greater motivation.


"first time in five months I felt no pain"

I was a track athlete at the University of Wisconsin - Madison for 5 years but was immediately taken out by a hamstring injury for my entire first season. Every season after, I continued to struggle with on and off hamstring injuries. Before the start of my fifth season I was finally running the fastest I’d ever ran and I was on pace for nationals, something I’d been working for all these years. But, before my very first race of my final season, I developed yet another injury and for the next five months, the injury prohibited me from running a single race which threw me into a depression. One day, I decided I was fed up of the constant x-rays, medications, tapes, wraps, inserts, boots, foam rolling, Graston, underwater treadmills, stretching; all of the traditional “rehab” that I was being told to do by my trainers and doctors wasn’t even vaguely working and at this point I was outraged because while I was making all these vain rehabilitative efforts, my competitive clock was ticking and I only had a few more chances to compete as a collegiate athlete - ever. Track was all I knew for the last 11 years so the idea of finishing out my career on an injury was not something I was going to settle for. I heard about Lucas, was told he was a “miracle man,” and thought what else can I possibly try but a miracle. So, I went to him and told him that I only had three more chances to compete with my team so I needed help today. He took me through some drills that honestly struck me as silly at first because I didn’t know what shifting my eyes around or moving my head up and down was supposed to do to help my hamstring. After every drill he would test my hamstring again and it continued to hurt and test poorly but he didn’t just say “yup you’re injured, sorry about it” he kept trying different drills until one very distinct moment (and it brings me to tears even writing this) where he tested my hamstring again and for the first time in five months I felt no pain. A pain that was so sharp and persistent I could barely walk without feeling it - gone. I started laughing because I couldn’t believe it and I made him test it again and again. No pain. I will honestly say I tried stretching, jumping, anything to bring the pain back just to show that nothing could fix me but nothing seemed able to UN-FIX me after one hour with Lucas. I was so thrilled that I went home and signed myself up for a 100, 200, AND 400 meter race at a meet in Whitewater the very next day even after 5 months off of training. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t skeptical, but Lucas sent me home with some drills, said to do them 5 times a day and before my races so you can guarantee I did exactly what he said. I went to the meet the next day, shaking with fear but did my drills, got into the blocks and, for the first time in exactly one year at that point, I competed. I ran every single race that I entered myself into and not only did I run every race without any pain but I WON every race that I ran! After my last race I remember falling to the ground in tears not because I ran the fastest time I’d ever run, but because I RAN and felt no pain. I got to feel what it felt like to win and I got to experience what I had dedicated the past 11 years to all thanks to the work I did with Lucas. I got to compete in every race for the remainder of my season and, even a year later, have felt no pain. I can’t even begin to thank Lucas enough for what he gave me and I now refer him to anyone that even complains of a stiff ankle these days because he truly is that amazing.   Sophie

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