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Concussion Care Program

Discover hope and healing with this program, expertly shaped by years of experience and tangible successes from real-life clients.

Inside Out's results driven approach is rooted with optimism, providing personalized care that empowers individuals to overcome trauma. Witness the transformative impact of our program, where each success story fuels the belief that recovery is not just possible but achievable. Let Lucas guide you through a journey towards a renewed life, backed by years of positive outcomes and a commitment towards science & learning.

Over the past 20 + years helping people train their brains and bodies I've learned that many people simply don't have the information they need to improve their lives. 

Often times, people are living with symptoms from head injury and they don't even realize it.  It may be from a recent concussion or an undiagnosed head trauma from years prior.  You don't need to cope any longer. 

Do you:

Forget things often - struggle to think - struggle to read

Trip or drop things often - run into things while walking

Have increased heart rate for no reason

Mood swings - chronic pain - feel hopeless with your life

sweat too much - have a spinning head - visual problems

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I want everyone to have access to quality education.  I've put together a library of unique neuro based videos from my years of experience teaching movement and helping people combat unique health issues.  There are some FREE videos and a variety of videos that you can purchase individually or subscribe to receive all the videos in my library creation.

Click the Image to see the video list
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