INSIDE OUT Intelligent Training

An Innovative Neurocentric approach to your Health, Fitness, and Athletic Goals.


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4 Weeks to Clarity Course (Virtual Offering)

  • 4 Week Commitment
    • Weekly Zoom sessions, 90 minutes each
    • On demand instructional videos and downloadable content
  • 30% lecture, 70% Follow Along Movement
  • Learn as a community with time for individual Q&A
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Private Facebook Group-Movement Mentor Class

  • Join the private facebook community
  • 30 minute live neuro workouts
  • educational
  • any skill level
  • watch with family or friends
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Personal Coaching & Rehabilitation Services (Virtual or In-Person)

  • Neurocentric training
  • Get strong, get healthy
  • Develop skills
  • Learn how to move
  • Train smarter not harder
  • Restore brain pathways
  • Recover from injury & pain
  • Heal your nervous system
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Forget your smartphone or your laptop. The most sophisticated software and hardware out there is with you 24/7—it’s your brain and your body working together, hand in hand.

It’s an elegant symbiosis that we were built to maintain. But sometimes—because of injury, or poor quality input from the eyes or sensory system, or a life spent hunched over computers and smartphones—the wires get crossed and the communication breaks down. This can lead to pain, instability, or the feeling that you just can’t quite do what you once did. You tell yourself your best years are behind you, that you’re getting old. But with some simple techniques you can “reboot” your system to get things back on track. 

Movement can get you back to where you want to be—whether you’re rehabbing from a recent fender bender or the daily stressors of cubicle life.

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Build Your Body from the Inside Out

The body was built to move in unique ways.  Every movement big or small requires a map, like a gps system to understand how to accomplish the task.  We can build those details within the movement maps one piece at a time.  Yes, big movements like running, squatting, lifting, etc may be important but those larger movements are much easier to enjoy when all the small pieces are working well. 


While you are here... learn about your hamstrings!

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Kelly Lehl

Grandpa-Outdoors-Sports Enthusiast

"I have lost 40 lbs and have a great deal more energy; I have never felt better.

Lucas also provided solutions to muscle and nerve concerns, addressing matters that were specific for each of us.  My wife strained her shoulder nearly two years ago and had been working through the numbness that often developed.  Lucas identified a specific nerve-glide exercise that is now part of her stretching routine and has resolved the matter for her. He was also able to customize our training to accomplish our goals.   We touch base with him now and then to let him know our progress and maybe have him tweak some of our routines as our needs change." Kelly

Evan Lynam

Father-Mtn. Biking-Coffee Lover

"I played college football where I tore my right ACL and also have competed in many strongman competitions so I have put my body through some adversity.  I am still super active hiking, mtn biking, snowboarding, and I still weight lift on a regular basis.  I always turn to Inside Out when I have an issue or need guidance.  Recently I have had an issue with my knee wanting to lock on me and shooting pain along with it.  I live in Boise so we had to do this over Zoom.

I instantly saw results with the drills he had me do.  I call it his "Voodoo".  If you have had a chance to experience it you know what I am talking about it.  It still freaks me out a little." Evan

Sophie Roth


"He didn’t just say “yup you’re injured, sorry about it” he kept trying different drills until one very distinct moment (and it brings me to tears even writing this) where he tested my hamstring again and for the first time in five months I felt no pain. I got to feel what it felt like to win and I got to experience what I had dedicated the past 11 years to all thanks to the work I did with Lucas. I got to compete in every race for the remainder of my season and, even a year later, have felt no pain. I can’t even begin to thank Lucas enough for what he gave me and I now refer him to anyone that even complains of a stiff ankle these days because he truly is that amazing."  Sophie