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Inside Out Intelligent Training


Movement is being redefined by breakthroughs in Neuro research & application.  Inside Out is a leader in this movement revolution.  Anything you desire, will involve your brain & body, and either way, it starts from the Inside Out.

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Training Options

Golf Strength & Flexibility Session $150

This is education on how to utilize the aspects of neurology in order to effect your swing in a positive way. 

Imagine your body is a dial up internet service hitting your golf ball.  Now imagine upgrading to a high speed internet to hit the ball.  Much more opportunity to improve your game when you are running on the latest tech.  Lucas will help you analyze specific variables that are effecting your golf game that you didn't even know existed. 

Curriculum Variables:

  1. Auditory Stimulation

  2. Vagus Nerve

  3. Breathing Patterns

  4. Visual Skills

See results in the first session.


Neuro Technician Rehab Session $150

You need help with a specific problem that you have not been able to solve​.

  • Dysfunctional body part

  • Balance Issue

  • Specific sports ailment

  • Chronic Injury

  • Breathing dysfunction

  • Concussion related problems

With a thorough Neuro Technician Session, Lucas will analyze your situation through his lens of 20+ years in the movement revolution.  This session involves looking at the body and the brain to assess where the problem is located.

Generally, after a through health history, Lucas will begin the analysis and provide exercises to get you on the path toward feeling better and getting results right away. 


Sports Vision Session $125

This is education on how to utilize the aspects of neurology in order to achieve higher performance. 

Most athletes want to increase their reaction time, improve their core strength & stability, they want to move like water and flow. These aspects come from Vision & Vestibular training. 

Curriculum Variables:

  1. Peripheral Vision Skills

  2. Hand-Eye Coordination

  3. Visual Acuity 

  4. 3D Vision

This is a great add on to your current strength training program. 


Adult Athletic Training Sessions $125

You maybe don't consider yourself an athlete, or maybe you do.  Either way, you like the idea of being more athletic.  You appreciate learning details about movement that help you feel better. 

You want to move in life and also respect the fact that humans do age in various ways, however you won't let that stop you from living life.

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Inside Out
Intelligent Training

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