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Personal Training

Now Offering Online Personal Training


-Best Personal Trainer Studio Madison WI

-Get strong, get healthy

-Develop skills

-Learn how to move

-Make movement enjoyable

-Train smarter not harder

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-30 minute live neuro workouts


-any skill level

-watch with family or friends


-You may find our Neuro Rehab programming amazing

-Heard of neuroplasticity?

-Pain is in your brain, lets make brain change with neuro exercises

-Move gently, one drill at a time

Find the ATHLETE Inside You
Common thinking
Inside Out Methods

It's just the way it is, I've never been athletic, I'm just getting old.

I don't know, I just show up and do the workout.

I'm so sore, my trainer beat me up, gotta push through the pain.

Just keep trying over and over, even if it doesn't get better.

If your having fun, your cheating or it must not be a hard workout.

Learning-we use immediate body responses to assess your progress, within the training session and long term. Instead of continuing to do the same thing or crossing your fingers for a 12 week program, we learn along the way and let your bodies response dictate our direction.  Learning is how we grow and develop into who we really were meant to be. 

Relationships-honest relationships create a foundation for success.  We believe that developing a good relationship is necessary to achieve your goals.  Working toward your goal is a two way street, giving feedback, discussing goals, challenging each other, and holding one another accountable is part of a healthy client/trainer relationship that leads to success. 

Quality-your experience at Inside Out should be Awesome.  Just as we appreciate a good pair of pants, we appreciate quality coaching. We hold ourselves to a high standard and so should you.  We expect our trainers to be in the top 1% of trainers around the world.  You only get one body in this life and it is worth taking quality care of it. 

Results-this is what we desire within our trainers and our clients. Not the result that we think you should want but the result that you are looking for.  If what your doing now isn't getting you toward your result, find an alternative solution.  Our expectation is to find you the results you want.  If we can't help, we will be honest.  If we don't know, we will find the information.  We pride ourselves on "Knowing the way, showing the way, and going the way". 

FUN-if your workout program is fun, you are more likely to continue it.  Simply put, fun is a necessary ingredient for health and performance. We would like to help you get moving better so that you can get back to more fun in life, like when you were a kid.  We also value fun within a workout session.  Exercise should be engaging and keep your interest.  Notice how much fun kids have with movement? Working out doesn't have to simply be painful or stressful, it really can be made innovative and fun. 

Hi, I'm Lucas, the owner of Inside Out Intelligent Training, and our Master Trainer.  We specialize in Neurological training and combine our knowledge of neurology with many other training practices.  Coaching Awesomeness is our forte.  Yes we can help you run faster & lift lots of weight, but we can also help you walk up stairs better, or simply get healthy and fit in your own terms. Learning and having FUN while working out is a must.  

Movement mapping drills, body scan techniques, learn new skills

What you feel is truth, let me share my experiences and let's plan together.

You are important, we use current science and I can teach you why.

If you don't get results, it's the wrong program, it's our job to help you find the right program. 

If it's fun, you will want more. Movement can and should be made fun, not painful.

We can help find the Best Personal Trainer for you!


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