Veteran Reconnect Program

Our Veteran Reconnect Program is aimed at supporting Veterans who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries, Chronic Pain, Loss of strength, balance, or coordination, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


At Inside Out, we strongly reject the idea that Veterans are destined to a life with medications, pain and poor movement. While modern medicine is a useful tool, we are highly motivated to offer alternative programming for these people who have given so much. With our focus on reconnecting the neural systems of the body, and a holistic approach to improving quality of life, we can provide Vets with Hope versus another medication or day with pain.

Program Details

  • 1 or 2 Sessions with an Inside Out Team Member per week

  • Private Facebook group to provide community support, share stories, learn from other veterans in the program

  • Pain Education: learn what pain is and how to deal with it from a Neuro perspective

  • Nutritional Support: Education in metabolism and coaching to develop long term habit change

  • Full Neurological Evaluation: Including sensory, motor control and cognitive function abilities.

    • Sensory & Motor Control

    • Cerebellum function

    • Cranial Nerves

    • Visual & Vestibular

    • Spinal Cord

  • Needs Analysis and Health History: including acute and chronic pain and mobility evaluations

  • Respiration & Fascial system re-training

  • Athletic movement education: building upon foundational movements.  Learning how to move as athletically as you desire

  • Joint mobility care: Assessments of mobility and retraining of joints that have incurred injury or dysfunction

  • The Inside Out Team will get to know you and connect you with the appropriate team member to guide you through your journey

This is for the Veteran who is looking for improved health, better movement abilities and likes to learn. This program would be ideal for these reasons:

     1. Once a week is enough commitment for me right now

     2. Complimenting my current exercise program

     3. I'm uncertain and want to start slow

     4. I'm ready to try something new, I'm ready for change.

You value development and fundamentals. You hold yourself accountable to work on the content outside of the gym in addition to the time spent with our team.  You don't want to dive in too fast but want sustainable results and change. 

                                                    Program Fee $599/month

This is for the Veteran who is ready to dive in. This program would be ideal for these reasons:

     1. Twice a week will hold me more accountable

     2. I like to learn at a fast pace

     3. I'd like the support of 2 sessions per week

     4. This will be my primary rehab and movement practice.

You value details and coaching support. You would value investing 2 sessions a week with the Inside Out team.  You'd like to dive in fast and are eager for results and change. 

                                                    Program Fee $1,099/month

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