Where has the fog gone?

Full disclosure, I did not want to come to training today. It wasn't because I don't like it or benefit from it, I just didn't feel like doing anything today, which is exactly why I went to train today.

After some range of motion testing we warm up the mind with my favorite game of catch with a tri-colored triangle frisbee(?). Whoever tosses it calls out a color, red, blue or white and the other person attempts to grab it by the called color. This is an awesome way for me to kickstart my morning session. "Let's do some arm occlusion training." Wait, what? I have no idea what this is, but it sounds interesting. Basically, its restricting blood flow to muscles in order to maximize gains in size and strength. Bigger and stronger arms? Yea, I'm down for that! BFR(Blood Flow Restriction) bands go tightly above both biceps and I head to the weight rack to do some curls.

After 2 sets my biceps are tired and swollen. I'll be buying some of these bands and using them back at my home gym. In between arm curl sets I did some reverse lunges, which again, are completely opposite of how I was taught to do lunges. We finished up with some work in the maverick while using BFR.

Sometimes things don't make sense

in the moment, while we are doing the exercises and drills. However, the longer I do this and the more I practice on my own, it seems like my pain is decreasing and my mental clarity has improved. These are two parts of my life I felt I was just going to have to learn to deal with. I never would have thought that my friend/trainer would provide me the tools that could help me take my life back. I'm not done. I've got way more to learn from the insideout trainers. Until next week!

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