Good morning Inside Out friends. Today was an early morning session with my pal Lucas. There was no time for breakfast and I knew if I wasn’t fueled up in some way I was likely to get the nod of disappointment. So, I stopped at the gas station and grabbed a bag of sunflower seeds and a can of Red Bull. I should be good. Now, to be honest, if I hadn’t fueled up before our session he would have juice, sugar and chocolate chips before, during and after my session.

We start off with the usual warm up drills and testing range of motion. My neck was still not testing very well to either side. Turning to the right was definitely better than the left, same for tilting head to the shoulder.

So how do I increase range of motion in my neck? Work legs of course!

Occlusion squat time! Get some Marine! After tying leg bands above both of my upper thighs, I’m ready to go. I just can'

t move or feel my legs. I’m kidding, they are tight enough though. Remembering the “Elements of Efficiency” I learned last week I’m ready to start my set.

Target: Eyes pick and up target and down target when doing squats

Dynamic Postural Alignment: Good Stance, Lengthen Spine

Balance Tension & Relaxation: No need to tense parts of the body that aren’t needed at the moment

Synchronize Respirations: Breathe in going down, Breathe out going up

Next, I get to pull Lucas around the gym. He puts a large band around my waist and he holds on for dear life as I yank him coast to coast up and down the gym doing slam dunks as I finish. Ok, it didn’t happen that way, but it would have been cool if it did. It was more of an exaggerated march as he was holding me back. One set was down the gym and back.

In between these sets we would retest neck range of motion. I would say that there was marginal improvement after the first sets. Attempting to find something else that works, we try some

VOR Vestibular Ocular Reflex exercises. I will attempt to explain this, but I am not promising anything.

There is a sheet of paper with a letter in the center of it, arrows going up, down, left, right, upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right. Hopefully you have followed that. Now, keeping my eye on the letter in the center of the paper, I turn just my head, not eyes. They are focused on the letter. I do this 10 times at first to the right then left. Retest my neck range of motion. There is no real change.

So, these are the three exercises of the day. We rotate from squats to exaggerated march pulling Lucas and VOR’s. I believe we do four sets of each. With the VOR’s though, we change up the direction that I look. Looking down to the right while trying to focus on the letter gave me a lot of trouble. The thing is after this last VOR, we tested my necks range of motion and shockingly it tested the best out of any of the other exercises.

Lucas! “What’s my nutrition tip of the day?”

v PROTEIN = 150 G daily

Ideally you would like to have this spread out over 3 meals

Thank you my friend for another great session and giving me life tools that I can use to continually strive to be the best version of myself.

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