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Sean’s Pill Bottle Journey


My name is Sean and I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corp. I have not been active duty military since 1992, but I feel like the last 27 years have been filled with physical and mental symptoms that have been treated with many medications and different modalities. Don't get me wrong, I am in a much better place than I have ever been since leaving the Marines. My question is, at what cost? What effects have all these medicines had on my mind and body? I don't feel as sharp mentally as I used to, I have low energy and my body still hurts from time to time. I was first prescribed opioids for pain management in 2003. I went from oxycodone to a ridiculous amount of fentanyl in a relatively short time. The pain wasn’t going away, it was actually getting worse. So, I went to the UW Pain Clinic where they began to lower the dose of fentanyl and replace it with methadone. After 12 years of prescribed opioids I had enough, I wanted to be done with pain meds. With close monitoring from my care provider I slowly tapered off of the methadone and I haven't had a pain medication since my last dose. That is not to say I have been without pain. I constantly try new healthy coping strategies to deal with my pain, partnering with Inside Out is another tool in my toolbox that I can use. I have heard some amazing things about Lucas and the team at Inside Out Intelligent Training . So, I wanted to see for myself what impact this unique type of training could have on different areas of my life.

So here I go. Stay tuned for my progress and to learn more about the program click here:


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