Relax Your Hand!

This has been a mild winter to say the least. That being said, this weather has been hard on my body, specifically my neck and shoulder. Today's session was with Troy. Interesting enough, during our warm up Troy noticed that I had a decreased range of motion in my neck and that other muscles around my right shoulder were over compensating during some shoulder movements. We decided to improvise and adapt my workout to overcome these couple of problem areas. Knowing that my Inside Out trainers are willing to adjust sessions on the fly tells me that they have my best interest in mind every step of my journey. During today's session, we concentrated on exercises to open up the joints in my neck and shoulders, along with reset exercises. Once my neck and shoulders were under control, I headed to the maverick. Every time I step into this I wonder how this is going to help? The Maverick has rubber bands that you hold onto and trace different shapes based on which body part you're working. Today, I was tracing triangles to the

front and back of my body. After two sets my shoulder was certainly feeling a workout. However, I wasn’t feeling the pain I was when I first walked into the gym today. What I find interesting in almost every session is that whenever I’m doing something with my right side, be it legs, arms, hands or eyes my left hand tenses up, maybe it’s my whole left side. My trainers alway point this out and I adjust. I find myself noticing the same thing when I do these exercises at home and I adjust. This is something that I would have never noticed before. Instead of just going through the motions of an exercise of a certain body part and focusing in on just that part, I am watching what other parts of my body are doing at the same time. Training at Inside Out has helped me physically and mentally. I find myself more focused in more areas of my life than just working out. To me, that means everything! Thanks Troy for another great session. Until next time...

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