Pull The Wall

"Strap into this harness and pull! Pull what? The wall." I have seen people pull semi-trucks before. Is that what I'm doing? Not yet! That's not even my goal, but it was fun to pretend. Harnessed up and chained to the wall, I give it everything I have. Nothing.

Every exercise has positive feedback and correctional adjustments. It's amazing what we think we know, but don't. As I was pulling the wall, I wasn't feeling it where Lucas said I should be. With a slight adjustment of the feet, bam! My muscles were beginning to burn right where he said they should be. On to 1-legged squats which proved to be challenging from a balance standpoint. "Try looking up and to the right while you do the squats." Lucas says. Single legged squats were still hard, but my balance did improve while looking up and to the right. To finish off this set, we added in a neurological exercise called saccades from arms length away, I'm looking down two vertical list of letters about 2' apart. Starting from the top left letter, I alternate back and forth until I end up at the bottom right letter. Just to be clear, this nerological exercise really challenges me mentally. However, practicing at home I'll get better.

Nutrition Tip of The Day- More Salt

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