Protecting My Mental State

Good morning Inside Out friends!

When most people think of training they most often have visions of lifting weights in the gym. For me, there is another equally important part of my overall training, poor mental health can be a huge anchor when it comes to finding the motivation to even get dressed, let alone workout! This week I trained my mental health with Teresa of Inside Out. If I can be honest for a minute, There are days where things are great and moving forward just like it’s supposed to. Then I have days that drag you down mentally and emotionally. Things began to bother me that I know shouldn’t have. I’d snap at people I care about. Nothing physical, but certainly said things that I regret. My anger reared it’s ugly head one morning. If you have ever had one of those moments, you probably also know the horrible feeling when everyone leaves the house to start their day with that last encounter in the front of their mind.

I have probably known for awhile that I needed to be talking to someone about what I have been feeling. I knew for sure that morning that I needed to have a conversation with someone who could help me process my feelings. Not about my blow up with my family, but what was really bothering me. It wasn’t my family!

I consider Teresa such an important part to my overall health. The fact that she is knowledgeable in Z-Health and mental health makes her a great Life Coach for me. What I really like about her is that she gets me. Her life may not have taken the same path as mine, but she understands what I’ve been through. What fascinated me about our last session was that after talking about what happened that morning and what led up to it, she asked me some unrelated questions about my earlier years. I wasn’t exactly sure where it was going, but I had confidence that she did. When my session was done, I walked out with an understanding of what the underlying feelings were that caused me to act in an unkind way.

Inside Out is exactly the type of wrap around training that I need. Being just physically fit isn’t enough for me. I know that there will be days I don’t want to train physically and its nice to know that I have that option to take care of my mental health too.

Until next time…..


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