Progress into The Maverick

Today's session with Troy starts off in the usual way. We begin with some ankle tilts, finger-rolls and some wrist figure-eights. He has me try the shoulder/scapula exercise, but it really is uncomfortable for me in my right shoulder. I'll keep working on this, but for now we move on. Troy gets a tennis ball out which has letters written on all sides of it. It's time to play catch, with a twist. Once he tosses the ball to me I'm suppose to call out the letter I see just before I catch it. I wasn't sure how good I was going to be at this. It seemed like there was a lot going on in this simple game of catch. I loved it! Troy is trying to have a conversation with me while I'm trying to focus on a letter, on a ball that's flying toward me while attempting to catch it. This exercise really forced me to focus my mind and body simultaneously. Funny thing though, Troy never had to call out a letter when I tossed it back at him. I'm sure he could have though.


Troy says "I want you to close your eyes and put one leg in front of you and hold for 30 seconds." I do this for both legs, head to the left, head to the right, up and down. I was wobbly, but he assures me that I did really well.

The Maverick

This contraption is a sphere of metal. Looking at it, I'm wondering what exactly I am going to do in there. I step through the bars, like a fighter entering into the octagon. Ok, maybe it wasn't like that. He hands me a rubber strap and while maintaining a good posture I'm suppose to trace a triangle 5-10 times one way, then the other. Easy enough. Nope! It would have been pretty easy had I done it the improper way, but when holding my posture I was using muscles that don't usually get a workout like that.

I'm looking forward to more time in this. See you next week....

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