Forget "No Pain No Gain"

Another week in the books. I met Troy this week, he is another trainer at Inside Out. Just like Lucas, he immediately put me at ease. What I mean by this, I'm not an overly anxious person most of the time, but when it comes to meeting new people I can become overwhelmed sometimes. As a warm-up Troy had me start with some stretches. These aren't your typical warm-ups before a sporting event. These are very specific movements to get your joints moving, fine movements, movements that I can honestly say I have never done or seen anyone do. They are not difficult moves, but it took me a few minutes of practice before I got it. I'll tell you about the one movement that was/is most challenging for me. In the starting position, my arms are locked at the elbows straight in front of me. Then I'm suppose to bring my shoulders up, back, down and forward. I hope they didn't get a video of this!!! I told Troy that the right shoulder was

feeling a little sore during the exercise. He had me stop and do some reset drills, pen-pushups, finger rolls and wrist figure eights. I am still in disbelief, even as I write this. After these drills, I had immediate reduction in pain in my shoulder. This training isn't about No pain No gain. Its about reducing/eliminating pain, so that I can achieve my goals. So, when something is painful, we pause and work to reduce the pain, before we continue. What's cool about Troy and Lucas, when I'm not getting the movements as a whole, they break it down into steps until those become better and then work back up to the whole exercise. We also did some head movement exercises, which again did not come natural to me. I'm not going to explain all the exercises for each session, however, I will end with this one. Sitting in a chair, Troy holds a target in front of my nose about 2" and while only moving my head, I had to touch the target with my nose. Yep, I'm sure I looked like a seal, and not the Navy type. It seemed easy enough until I tried it. It felt more like 2 feet than 2 inches. With work, I eventually hit the target. Believe it or not, I was sore the next couple of days from today's workout, but now having the reset drills in my toolbox I was able to relieve the pain on my own outside the gym.

Thank you Troy for a great session! See you next time.

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