Day 2: Well that's weird

I have finished my initial assessments with Lucas. These were completely different than anything that I have gone through before. I walked into Inside Out this morning ready to train. The first thing he asks me is "What'd you have for breakfast?" I laughed and said "I don't typically eat breakfast!" He turned around got a pen and paper and proceeded to thoroughly explain in terms I could understand why it is so vitally important to feed your brain in the morning. Basically, the brain is responsible for every part of our body and if we don't eat in the morning its difficult to function effectively, mentally and physically. Even a glass of OJ or milk in the morning will kickstart your brain. First, nutrition lesson. Check. I am sure that I will be getting many of these impromptu lessons throughout my time here at Inside Out.

Usually when I train, I am at the gym lifting weights. This doesn't happen often enough, but that's not the point. Here at Inside Out training is all encompassing. Physical, nutritional and mental. The exercises (also called drills) I do here are so different from anything I have ever done before. They seem so simple, but the impact is profound. Sometimes even within the same session. For instance, today I did an exercise called "Near/Far Drill". I'll be honest this drill caused me some anxiety, I'm not sure why. The more important part is, I have been given reset drills, such as the pen push-ups and finger circles. I don't know how, but these two specific drills reduce my pain as well as anxiety. I will be using them often throughout my day. So, if you see me walking down the street or driving around town and it looks like I'm doing something weird with my hand, I am. I'll be learning a lot more of these drills moving forward.

For me, this feels like the excitement when I was younger,

learning things for the first time. Like, when I'd been struggling to ride my bike and someone finally showed me those little things that make it all come together. Yep. That's how I feel about this. Here's to another great session. Until next time...

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