Day 1: Give me my toes

Not knowing what to expect of my first professional meeting with Lucas, I was slightly nervous. I walked into the gym and was immediately put to ease with his kind demeanor and small talk. After a few minutes we went back and he had me do some range of motion exercises to get a baseline to determine future results. Being the skeptical person that I am and dealing with pain, stiffness and soreness for so long, I wasn't sure there would be any positive results. First, he says "bend down and see if you can touch your toes." I laughed and said "the only way I'm touching my toes is if someone cuts them off and hands them to me." I was able to reach about mid shin on my first attempt, same for second and third. Lucas has me do this eye exercise that he affectionately calls "Pen Pushups". At arms length, staring at the tip of a pen and bringing it back to my nose then out again for 3-5 repetitions. After this "Reset Exercise" I repeat the attempt to touch my toes. I reached down fully expecting the same results as the first 3 times. I was floored when my fingers actually touched my toes! Still, as I sit here writing this its hard to believe. I haven't been able to touch my toes in more than a decade.

Alright, this next exercise/adjustment absolutely floored me. It had my mind spinning like I was a prop in a magic show. Lucas has me lie down on the table and tells me to lift one knee up and try to not let him push it down. I tried my hardest to show that I still had power in my legs. He pushed down on my knee and it was on the table within a matter of seconds. Next, he manipulates a joint in my foot and then he has me repeat the same exercise again. With the same amount of force he was unable to push my leg down to the table. Shaking my head unconvinced, I asked him to show me again. He moves the joint in my foot again, he then pushes my leg to the table and did so with ease. With one last foot joint manipulation, Lucas tries to push my leg to the table, but can't.

Now, he has my attention. I'm so looking forward to our next session!

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