4 Elements of Efficiency

Happy Wednesday insideout friends! As I was on my drive to Madison this morning, I was thinking about what I would like to work on with Lucas during our training session. I settled on strengthening my core. As with a lot of things in my life, I reversed my decision. I was talking with Lucas about my trunk range of motion during my golf swing. I have always noticed during my swing that my rotation is very limited, preventing me from striking the ball properly with consistency and getting the distance that I’d like to have. “This is good stuff” he says and hands me a golf club. I take some practice swings before he tees a ball up. Nope. Not a golf ball. He tees up a street hockey ball, then a dodgeball on the mat. At this point it is not about hitting the ball. It’s about mechanics of the swing. We walk before we run. Actually, before we even get to mechanics he has me doing some of the same drill we have done before. They only difference is, I’m holding a golf club. If I thought it felt odd before, it still does. Here is the difference. Lucas tells me about “Elements of Efficiency”.

1. Hit the target

a. Not the ball. I’m working on swing mechanics. Hitting my target at this point is creating the “L” in my wrist.

2. Dynamic Postural Alignment

a. Get your feet right, lengthen your spine

3. Balance Tension and Relaxation

a. Making sure that I’m not tense in spots that don’t need to be and relaxed in the right areas.

4. Synchronize Respiration

a. Breathe normally

At first this is overwhelming, but he does such a good job at breaking it down for me. I knew what my target was, “L”. I needed to have the L before I was in the back of my swing. It took some time to get this right and then add the other 3 elements of efficiency. Hold on, I am still back on my limited truck rotation being the impeding cause of my golf swing, To show me that it’s not, he gets a laser light that hold in my hands. Turning left, then right I was more than a little surprised to see just how far the laser was traveling behind me. Turns out it is not my rotation, but my mechanics that was jacking up my swing. As I was practicing these “Elements of Efficiency” it dawned on me that these can be applied to everyday life, not just here at the gym. This was a big moment for me. I have been doing the things we talk about during our sessions, but from a physical perspective. What insideout provides is so much more than physical exercise. I mean I knew this already, it just hadn’t fully clicked until now.

One of things that I’d like to improve most on is focus and memory retention. So, to end our session we did some eye drills, “Near/Fars” “Saccades”. Lucas recommends doing these prior to going into meeting to get my brain in a mode to effectively receive information. Will do Captain. Thanks for another great session. Until next time…

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