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Why Personal Coaching?


  • Individualized Neurocentric training or rehab
  • Get strong, get healthy, defined by you and only you
  • Develop personal athletic skills
  • Learn how to move
  • Train smarter not harder
  • Restore you brain pathways
  • Recover from your specific injuries & pain issues
  • Heal your nervous system
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“Inside Out was the best appointment I made for myself"

After working with three foot pain specialists and not seeing any results I found Inside Out and scheduled an appointment. 

During my first session with Lucas he identified the cause of my pain was not a problem with my feet, it was related to the dental work I had done and my diet. Following Lucas’ targeted joint movements and diet changes my foot pain was eliminated within a few weeks.

After two years of dreading getting out of bed each morning with the anticipation of shooting pain, I now wake looking forward to my day.”   Barb



"the best workouts of my career, and also the most fun"

2013 NCAA D1 Champion, 200 Yard Backstroke; 2013-2014 USA National Team Member; 4 Time D1 All-American; and 2-Time Olympic Trials Qualifier.

‚Äč"My time training at Inside Out Intelligent Training with Lucas was the best of my entire career. Not only is he one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure of knowing; he also knows more about training and nutrition than I could ever hope to.  As crazy as some of it seemed, it was amazing how quickly each neuro drill improved my overall strength, as well as flexibility and stability. Not only were they the best workouts of my career, but they were also the most fun. Lucas has a great sense of humor and he knows how to bring out someone’s competitive nature to push him or her beyond what they thought possible. By the end of my career, my strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination were better than ever, thanks to the neurological approach to training. Of all the strength coaches I have work with throughout my career, I can say without a doubt Lucas is the best." Drew



"My mind and body are working so much better"

One day I woke up spinning. I had lost all physical and visual coordination. I went to an eye/nose/ear specialist who told me my vestibular system had been compromised and in 6-9 months I would know whether the damage was permanent. We updated the house to be handicap accessible so my husband could go back to work. I started going to physical therapy. They gave me balance and eye drills to do daily which began to help. 

Next, a friend asked how I was doing. I laughed and said, “I’m doing good. I know where every corner, edge and wall is.” She suggested I set up time at Inside Out. I’ve been going twice a week for almost 2 years now.

Today, I don’t hug the walls and hang onto the counter tops. I can handle a crowd without grabbing the closest person for stability. I don’t need to put Motion Ease behind my ears or eat candied ginger all day for nausea. I can work a full day and then some. Stability and coordination came first, followed by energy, concentration and focus. Rides at Universal Studio and doing the Tough Mudder obstacle course are things I can do now, but more important to me is being able to think logically and put the pieces together like I used to, being able to focus and problem solve and think creatively. I didn’t realize how much I had lost until I started to get it back." Tracy

Personal Athletic Coaching

In-Person or Zoom Available

Contact Inside Out to schedule a one on one consultation. 

This is for the client who needs a little extra individualized help.  Maybe it's for working on strength, athletic balance, speed, power, or everyday stamina required to navigate your life.  

  • Sports Performance
  • Fitness Skills
  • Neuro-Based Cardio
  • Nutrition Coaching

Ready to learn a new balance drill, breathing drill, or freshen up your current routine. This is for the client who wants a jump start on health and performance. Maybe your current routine is not giving you the results you want. Maybe pain is lingering or gains are not being made.

Let's discuss how often we should meet based on your individual needs and desires. 

Neuro-Rehabilitation Services

In-Person Recommended


The most sophisticated software and hardware out there is with you 24/7—it’s your brain and your body working together, hand in hand. But sometimes—because of injury, or poor quality input from the eyes or sensory system, or a life spent hunched over computers and smartphones—the wires get crossed and the communication breaks down. This can lead to pain, instability, or the feeling that you just can’t quite do what you once did. 

  • Concussion / Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Nerve Damage / Sensory or Pain
  • Balance Dysfunction
  • Mental Decline or Cognitive Loss

Neurological Rehab might be what you need to get re-connected.

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