Live Classes:

Tuesdays 6:05am CST & Thursdays 1:15pm CST

"All classes can be accessed via the Private Facebook group for later viewing if you cannot make the live classes"

  • Feel better with regular brain based movement practice

  • Practice the Fundamental 5 exercises for improving health daily

  • Reduce Anxiety with an online program

  • Comfortably practice movement in your own home at your own pace

  • Learn how to integrate Z-health into your routines

  • Modified exercises so that you can be successful at any level

  • Reduce Stress with the Inside Out method of training, Real, nothing fake here

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Watch a Sample Class

  •  Live Classes: Tuesdays 6:05am CST & Thursdays 1:15pm CST

  •  30 minute live neuro-movement based classes hosted on the               private facebook group "Inside Out Online Movement Mentor                     Class"

  • Classes are available on the private facebook page for later                        viewing at your convenience

  • Classes led by our Master Trainer, Lucas Koenecke

  • Private Facebook community for conversation and questions                      all month long

  • Monthly Membership Cost: $99 (month to month basis)

  • No Equipment? No Problem.  Most things we use in this class you have around your house. Here is a list of common things we use. Bath towel, broom stick, pen, brush, chair, a wall, etc.


YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL AND YOU LIKE MOVEMENT :: We don’t treat you like a biomechanical machine, we treat you like the live organism that you are. We believe EVERYONE is an athlete deserving of quality training education, rehab and support. We want to see you succeed, whatever your goals are.


YOU LIKE FUN AND YOU HATE PAIN :: Makes sense, doesn’t it? And yet we’ve been trained to think that fitness and health is all pain and gloom. You don’t buy it, we don't buy it. Movement should be fun. After all, that’s what it was like when you were a kid. Let's keep it that way!


YOU HAVE THE DETERMINATION AND THE DRIVE :: You just need the right tools and want to be held accountable. You’re not scared of hard work. But you also don’t have time to waste. Make the time you spend training really count.


YOU WANT RESULTS :: Empty promises are frustrating. You deserve to benefit from the time and effort you put in to your training.


YOU’RE READY FOR CHANGE :: You never stop learning. And you know that devoting time and money to your health is a solid investment. You are ready to be a partner in that process, not just a mindless robot who does what they are told by someone wearing way too much spandex, wink. 

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