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 Safe, Supportive Neurocentric Movement Learning.

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Live Classes

Tuesdays 6:05am CST & Thursdays 1:15pm CST

"All classes can be accessed via the Private Facebook group for later viewing if you cannot make the live classes"

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What you need:

No Equipment? No Problem.  Most things we use in this class you have around your house. Here is a list of common things we use. 

  • Bath towel
  • Broom stick
  • Pen
  • Brush
  • Chair
  • A Wall
  • Yoga Mat or soft mat

What you get:

  • Live Classes: Tuesdays 6:05am CST & Thursdays 1:15pm CST

  •  30 minute live neuro-movement based classes hosted on the private facebook group "Inside Out Online Movement Mentor Class"

  • On Demand Classes are available on the private facebook page for later viewing at your convenience

  • Classes led by our Master Trainer, Lucas Koenecke

  • Private Facebook community for conversation and questions                      all month long

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Benefits of The Class

  • Feel better with regular brain based movement practice

  • Practice the Fundamental 5 exercises for improving health daily

  • Reduce Anxiety with an online program

  • Comfortably practice movement in your own home at your own pace

  • Learn how to integrate Z-health into your routines

  • Modified exercises so that you can be successful at any level

  • Reduce Stress with the Inside Out method of training, Real, nothing fake here


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