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1 Day Workshops

I believe that everyone deserves to have access to the same knowledge and expert advice that the world’s best athletes have. That’s why I offer a variety of workshops to suit the needs of every skill set. You won't be disappointed.


Fast React for Hockey Players  Age 13+

Half Gym & Half On Ice (bring skates)
Sunday May 15th

Everyone wants it, how do you get it? It's reaction speed!  The missing link is in the ability to see and then react to what you are seeing. Learn the value of the Sports Vision and how to incorporate these exercises into making your body a reaction machine.  Be the first to the play and be the best once you arrive.

Golf Stretching & Core Strength

Tuesday May 17th 9am-10:30am 
Tuesday May 17th 6:30pm-8pm

Improve driving power and accuracy with the benefits of core strength.  Recover and keep your back healthy with improved flexibility.  Learn a new stretching routine that will create long lasting results. Lucas will show you amazing methods to get results that may even seem too easy to be true.  Prepare for fast amazing results.

At-home Workouts for Self conscious Women

Monday May 16th 9am-10:30am
Monday May 16th 6:30pm-8pm
*no equipment required

I meet women who want to workout at home but need to know what techniques are best for them.  They need the information that a quality trainer knows but would prefer to learn and apply the practice on their own.  Learn best methods of at home exercises with no equipment.  Take control of your health and reduce the stress of your busy life with these proper exercises.

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Stretching for Old Guys
Age 50+

Monday May 23rd 9am-10:30am
Monday May 23rd 6:30pm-8pm

It's a classic response from an older guy getting up from a chair, a groan or a sign with a mention of their old age.  Whether you are classified as a senior, or you just turned a young 40, getting stiff as you age is a part of life.  But, there are many things you can do about it.  This class is all about the small movements that you can do in 5 minutes a day to feel a little more free.  That's all we want!  Just a little bit more free to move around and get back to doing things that men do. Let's have a cup of coffee and learn some really neat simple movements to feel a little younger.

Bench Press for Athletes
Ages 12+

Tuesday June 14th 9am-10:30am 
Space is limited

Learn the value of the Bench Press and how to incorporate other components of pressing power into your workouts.  Upper Body Strength is critical for elite performance and injury prevention.  Let's get the most out of your pressing power.

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