4 Weeks to Clarity-Getting into Shape

This is a "Health Class Reimagined". With our Neurocentric approach, begin your journey today.

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An Innovative Approach to Getting Into Shape

"Hi I'm Lucas and I'd like to teach you my unique approach to understanding how your body works and keeping it moving. I'll share personal stories, some neurology and biology but don't be intimidated,  I've organized this course to make it easy to understand and easy to put to practical use. You can do this!"
Everyone talks about it, it feels good to be in shape.
How would your life be different if you were "in shape"? 
What would you be doing? 
 Your body's shape either limits your abilities in life or opens the door to possibilities.
 What will you be missing if you don't get into shape?
Join me on this journey, get into shape, and maintain that shape for a long healthy fun life.


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What you need:

  • This is a virtual Zoom course, You will need access to Zoom on a computer, tablet, or phone (download available at zoom.com)
  • A small quiet space to learn and move your body a bit.  You won't be doing any sweating or intense exercise but a 10'x10' space is helpful.
  • 90 minutes of focus each week for the zoom lesson
  • 7 mins per day to practice your 7 min stretch routine
  • A learning mind, this class has a neurocentric approach which will require some lecture to understand the concepts of the human body

What you get:

  • 6 hours of total live content via Zoom throughout the 4 weeks
  • 10 hours of on demand instructional video content to watch at your convenience
  • Downloadable powerpoint, macro balance guide, eye exercise charts, gut health recipe
  • A 3 Step Process for getting into shape quickly
  • Personalized 7 minute stretch routine
  • Ability to recognize what movement you must do everyday and what you can leave behind
  • A Guide for Macro Balanced Eating. Use the protein chart for meal planning
  • Lucas' best "ah-ha" moments from working 20 years in fitness and health
  • Knowledge of your Nervous System and how to rewire it to support your fitness goals. 
  • 6 hours of Live content through Zoom
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A New Approach to Getting Into Shape

  • Don't beat yourself up, your body is complex, it's ok, let's learn the parts and pieces together
  • Easy to follow guides on safe and effective exercise for feel good results
  • Many programs focus on muscles only, we learn to reprogram the software that controls those muscles
  • Improve your mental health while getting your body in better shape

The Course

  • 4 Week Commitment
    • Weekly Zoom sessions, 90 minutes each
    • On demand instructional videos and downloadable content
  • 30% lecture, 70% Follow Along Movement
  • Learn as a community with time for individual Q&A

Course Fee $296

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Deb & Dave


"My husband and I just finished the 4 Weeks of Clarity course. Luke has a refreshingly different approach to help you understand how your body works and ways to improve how your body works. The course is insightful and FUN...If you want to improve your quality of life, take this course." Deb



"At first this may seem overwhelming, but Lucas does such a good job at breaking it down for me.

 7 Minute Stretch, 3 Steps, etc. it dawned on me that these can be applied to everyday life, not just at the gym. This was a big moment for me.
What this program provides is so much more than physical exercise. I mean I knew this already, it just hadn’t fully clicked until now.
For example, one of things that I’d like to improve most on is focus and memory retention. Lucas teaches eye drills, “Near/Fars” “Saccades” that help with that. 
Yes, this is something very different.  These are targeted exercises that can help your physical health but also your mental health." Sean



"The information you can learn from Lucas is profound. I would urge anyone interested in learning how your body "really" works to watch a few videos and then take a class.

This information will benefit anyone regardless of age or physical prowess. Dealing with the infirmities of old age or preparing for the Olympics, this system has knowledge you can use immediately and forever."  Mal